always on a friday.

My tooth hurts.

Which one?

This one right here.

I am going to push on it, let me know when it hurts.


That’s not the tooth.

Did you fall?

Sissy threw a rock at me.

No, I didn’t, shouted from the other room emphatically.

I fell down,


A rock flew up in to my mouth.

How did that happen?

I don’t know, I was just standing by the fence.

Now that we have cleared that up,

I wonder why

Always on a Friday?


I have one sandal and it doesn’t fit.

Let’s find the other one.

At the end of August in Ontario

I have no desire to purchase another pair of pink sandals.

How about these? I entice trying make closed toe shoes

No one wants to wear jazzy and exciting.



Always on a Friday when

My verve and enthusiasm is sapped,

Preparing for weekend visits and

All The Things

That are usually happening.


Should I call the dentist


Throw caution in to the wind

Wondering if I will spend half a day in the ER

With four other children in tow.

Maybe I should root through boxes for one




Brave the traffic and shops

Rifling through clearance sandals.

The start of the weekend

An exhausting proposition.




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