June reading was a frumpy mess. I had loads of curriculum reading to wade through and in the end read nearly 20 books pertaining to planning for our lessons this fall. I needed a palate cleanser and so picked up Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending. Read in one sitting or rather one evening spent putting littles to bed. The ‘mystery’ seems to me not the selling point lamely exclaimed on the cover but the manifestation of the narrator, who is still a man-child. I laughed a few times. Yes, the narrator is dense but I still found the reveal crushing.

Then I thought more about Adrian. From the beginning, he had always seen more clearly than the rest of us. While we luxuriated in the doldrums of adolescence, imagining our routine discontent to be an original response to the human condition, Adrian was already looking farther ahead and wider around.

I also read, Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Denison. After a nine year gap from my first reading, I still found it a centering book for me.

This is the one thing motherhood has taught me: Living according to my values does not necessarily mean being rigid in my convictions about what’s “right”. Sometimes our children’s needs do not coincide neatly with our beliefs.

I am currently reading The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis. All 733 pages of it. I hope. No, I should barrel through. Engaging, interesting and just when you think, ‘how many more short, short stories are there going to be?’, a longer one pops up that reads just a quickly as the short ones. I wonder if she places the stories or her editor. So ‘readable’, if that makes any sense.

In fact there is so much loose food in the kitchen I can only think the mice themselves are defeated by it.

-from The Mice




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