this morning.

We left a little early.

Not actually just you and me because the baby always makes three.

On the moraine it is difficult to tell if the water is rising from the ground

or the water is falling from the low slung clouds.

I suppose it is both, with a mingling. Hovering around us.

Getting older has made me more spontaneous.

You were surprised I suggested picking strawberries

before we left. I just don’t do things like that.

I want to be a surprising mother. That is why I advocate

banana splits for dinner from time to time.

When we left, you still had a surprised look on your face.


Such the adventurer you directed our hike.

‘Let’s keep going!’

You are hard to resist, the mosquitoes were a bother

and the red ants were a plague.

Now we are both a little worn at the beginning of our long day.


I have a new master plan of hiking individually with my children.

We are all loving it.



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