my sister is coming to visit.

I want to remember to show you the scars on her belly.

Racking my brain, making lists.

What has happened since we have last actually

looked in to one another’s eyes,

What doesn’t transmit electronically.

I had a different small baby then.

Eating halloween candy, laughing, you giving them baths

and cleaning my kitchen.

Sorry, I’m still a mess. The particular cleaning gene

woven out of my dna.

Just so you know,

I may have dug myself a sewing hole.

That dress you love is beautiful. I want to create it for you

making up for all the things we miss. Wowing you with my skills

I am not sure that are there.

It’s only two days, less than 48 hours.

Already filled, with me waving goodbye

crying in to the top of my baby’s head.

a sister
a sister


To  round out topics over at

Sense of Story

we choose a book to read.

Today we have our post up,

The Blue Jay’s Dance by Louise Erdrich.



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