homeschool homeopathy.

Long ago I stopped trying to implement lessons straight from Alan Whitehead’s books.

I now look upon them as a sort of remedy.

Simply an imprint remains, diluted from the grown-up text in his books.

With homeopathy you seek a remedy for acute cases when you are stuck.

We have become stuck with our ancient studies.

The other night I dedicated my night-time reading to find an answer.

We have reached a saturation point with the myths.

Most specifically, ancient Egypt.

For one mad moment I considered writing a story, then fell back to earth.

This is not the time.

To me this is the moment where I have finally realised that the reason why I cannot find

the perfect Waldorf curriculum is that the pedagogy does not lend itself to a set of stories.

Ho hum.

I guess I had to come to this conclusion organically.

I find this echoed throughout the homeschooling world.

The constant shifting, re-evaluting, scrapping of lesson plans

and starting something new.


It is a very great delusion if someone supposes he has done justice to the nature of the child

when he has simply prepared a thinned-out infusion of adult wisdom, only omitting

what is “too advanced” for the child.

– from The Living World of Plants by Dr Gerbert Grohmann

Does anyone have any recommendations of children’s novels based in the ancient world?



2 thoughts on “homeschool homeopathy.

  1. Hi Brooke! My daughter really enjoyed The Iron Ring by Lloyd Alexander, it’s based on ancient India, and The Cat Who Went to Heaven by Elisabeth Coatsworth, based on a Buddhist folktale. The Waldorf Student Reading List recommends The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit. We did not read that one. It’s true that there is no one-size-fits-all set of stories with Waldorf! It’s part of the beauty and the burden we choose. Best, Rachel

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