Not to long ago my son was struggling with a project.

He is making a game with his friends.

How do you do something no one else has done before?

You don’t.

Our brains are all the same from the outside.

We live in the same places, see the same faces.

It is our context and point in time that makes us something.

As you can imagine this is not the answer he was hoping for.

He moved his project to the other table.

Mama is such a drag.

Later he came back to me with a big smile on his face.

Not being an original can be a comforting place to be.

Restrictions are liberating.



this sentiment drives husband batty. but i find solace in it.

to me it is a blessing.

i sew with someone else’s patterns and fabric design,

i knit with someone else’s yarn,

i cook with someone else’s food.

*using the Write Alm prompt today:  full of blessings



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