there is something in the air.

It could be the effects of a long winter passed.

On occasion during the day one or more of my children can be seen just running.

Running and hollering.


Maybe it is that the baby is three months now.

With organized sleep, cooing

and a general demeanor of pleasantness.


Or maybe it is something else.


Two months ago Husband came home from an outing

and let the words,

‘Change is in the air’ just hang there.


I have been slower on the uptake.

More jaded by community building

with edges dulled by broken sleep.

Yesterday I felt and heard it too.


Last week we made a sort of human compass

with our words.

Sweeping gestures with our arms.

North, west, east but

not south.

A zest for city living has not resurfaced.

While we are official

we have not yet landed.

The taste for real estate bitter.

Nearly six years after throwing in the towel

somewhere else

a ripple of permanence.


We are at the end of the first long weekend of the spring/summer here in Canada.

Victoria Day. I will be sure to drink lots of tea and think prudish thoughts because honestly

I have no idea what it means!

Instead of opening the cottage, we are adding a new compost bin.

*vaguely keeping myself honest with the Write Alm prompts.



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