the most beautiful place.

Do you want me to take you on a walk?

We’ll go the the most beautiful place.

The opportunist

in me sees firewood.

the boys could spend all summer pulling this out for our winter mistress

Dad’s been here,

he says, as he runs his hand over a smooth stump.

my mate has been thinking the same thing

Look how dangerous

this is, he shouts as he tumbles out of a tree.



I spend the walk balancing

myself in the muck

with my arm outstretched

trying to ruffle his hair. our new hug

Here is the box I dug up.

See the marks from my pen knife? It will have secret

compartments. We thrash

our way out of the new

forest shoots these vines need a haircut

I check the coop.  Two eggs still warm

When I come back out from the kitchen

Two hens crying

for their lost eggs.


It is not like these past 11 years have gone too fast.

It’s just that something new is happening.


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