my three month review.

As my family would write it.


Toddler: It’s great. You still put me to bed AND you let me eat honeycomb. I love New Baby. Even when I am trying to pinch him.

5 year old: You read me stories. I hate them but you still read them. I love you, Mama. You are trying.

8 year old: You never cook. I’m so hungry! Did we just eat lunch? (yes, and you told me you were full)

near 11 year old: Can holding the baby be my only chore?

Husband: What HAPPENED in here today?

Baby: Thank you for not shouting. Let’s nurse!


Happy Mama’s Day to all.

I would like to thank the vulture that scooped up the cat roadkill so I didn’t have to spend Mother’s Day afternoon consoling three of my children.


*keeping myself periodically honest with the Write Alm prompts.


4 thoughts on “my three month review.

  1. we ate a late breakfast, 10ish, and a large breakfast the other day. at 11:30 my 11yo boy said, what’s for lunch? and i died. seriously, i didn’t think boys ate this much until they were older!

    1. it seems to start at 8 around here! they keep calling the full meals i make ‘snacks’. husband keeps saying we need a cow…on the path. not there yet but on the path!

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