‘no one likes me’

‘my friends are different from me’

i know, i remember feeling like this.


early adolescence

visits in all forms now

mostly it  just hovers around the house

changing moods,

developing ideas on its own.

stealing hours

leaving sulking parents

in it’s mist.

suddenly my mother

isn’t the monster i thought she was

when i was his age.

fake it until you make it, mama.

the beginning of the

eye-opening, bumpy



the crushing embarrassment

over wondering if you

should be embarrassed.

the shuttered scrunched shoulders

shaded eyes

nervous to reveal.


frayed pants cuffs/

combed hair.


i don’t know if i am ready for this.


*today, keeping myself very honest with the Write Alm prompt:weathered. 



5 thoughts on “weathering.

      1. I remember people saying that when I had little ones, and I had vomit in my hair and showering was a distant proposition and I thought, “Oh sure. Thanks.” But you just rub a wipe on your head and move on, you know? Parenting tweens is a tricky emotional minefield, and I’m starting to understand why my mom kept a box of wine in the fridge for 6 straight years 😉

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