wearing thin. and links.

grizzled. haggard.

two words i begrudgingly used for myself when looking in the mirror the other morning.

this routine is wearing thin for us all.


time to switch things up.

more outside.

more car. booooo

more sun, more heat, more chores.

the last slog of lessons.



some sewing that is happening here:

Aida top, voile in progress.

i measure,

then remeasure

this body that has given us five children. 

something doesn’t seem right.

the pattern envelope must contain a typo. 

these are not the numbers of a 26 year old 

but of a 36 year old 


her changing body.

thank goodness for home sewing.

pajamas for an 11 year old to be.

 forgetting that there is no such thing as size 11 and am making a size 12.

a new book for our burgeoning reader.

 working on making word searches to go along with the books and skills he is working on.

I am reading Rebecca West’s This Real Night. Many moons ago I read the first in the trilogy, The Fountain Overflows.

Luscious reading.


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