i have this dream.

that we can have all have our own kit bag.

there are things special enough, tiny enough to fill the space

without an overflow.

blanket rolls on our backs

a clear echo-y space inside

lie on the floor

let the suns rays burn us


no one else seems to agree

bedside tables spill with a backyard tableau

my fingers itch to rush in

fill up a trashbag


it’s not my space


turn away

today i settle for selecting

chipped ceramics ostensibly

for mosaics.

flip open the trashcan lid,

drop in.

If only everyone else in the house was like me. 

What a boring place it would be.

*using the Write Alm prompt today: flipside.


4 thoughts on “i have this dream.

    1. funny, i just walked through the house and found a room full of lesson papers, legos and the remnants of a wreath and whittled sword business on the floor. dearie me.

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