casting webs.

So there is this thing I do which every parent does when they are out with their children.

We hold them.

If not in our arms, then in our consciousness.
I am still new to five children. Me with five invisible threads connecting/pulling/coercing me in their direction.
Still new.

Holding them tight or loosening the grip. Giving a look, scrunching my nose, shrugging my shoulders.

It is all part of my web.

This Saturday was a safe space to practice.

Our day began early and by 3.00pm, I just didn’t think I would make it much longer.

But I did. i will admit to half-weeping before dragging through a hot chocolate and tea break

In the face of umpteen trips to the bathroom/diaper changing on the fly/the stark reminder that we have adolescence rising,

I muddled through.

The weight of an infant on my arm and the weight of an 11 year old on my heart.

the frog prince. marionette performance
the frog prince. a marionette performance


p.s. picked up Dear Mother, Dear Daughter: Poems for Young People by Jane Yolen and her daughter, Heidi Stemple. A call and response book of poems. Very perfect for us.

….Writing a poem about a problem that you’re having allows you

to break down the emotion into small enough parts so you can deal with it….

-from the Introduction


2 thoughts on “casting webs.

  1. Thanks for the book recommendation! Not sure if it’s because of National Poetry Month of stringing coherent words together is a challenge, but I am also finding solace in writing poetry with and without the kids…

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