that’s weird….

After all my whining about King Winter with his rascally ways, spring, or what passes for spring in these climes, has arrived and with it a contentedness.

This season of my life I am finding gone the static dissatisfaction. The lip pursing/berating aspect of my nature. Did it melt away?

Suddenly I am able to part with objects. Our extended family community is present. Lesson work is just where I anticipated it would be.

The pieces are fitting together.

Doing my best to keep the momentum.


momentum keeping activities

frequent reading*tea*early to rise*

simple stitching*no yelling*

staying home*getting sleep*

tea drinking*minimal wine gum eating*

bread baking*dirty dish denying*

daily writing*baby charming*

limited internet*being the one that says ‘yes’ more often*

*keeping myself periodically honest with the Write Alm Prompts

today: something changed.


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