taking care.

The other night Husband and I were chatting about a homeschooling conference that will be running near us this summer. I confessed my dream of both of us attending. How nice to not either report back or synthesize the information for two. It’s not going to happen. How could it. no question mark needed

The subject moved to taking care. How the definition of taking care of oneself changes and how the differences in how others care for themselves. the multitudes of ways for the homeschooling parent to refresh  Now? For us? Summer camps.

For me? Now, sewing.

To keep my tenuous grip these last weeks I have been sewing myself clothing.  if I wear yoga pants just one more day….

From the outside of our family, the state of my sewing area and the rest of the house tell, it is as if this way madness lies.


Picture my serene face,

baby in sling,

rocking in the glider chair,

slowly stitching neat, orderly rows.

The heebie jeebies invading me

smooth away.

Beauty is….oh,

beauty is.

The finished seam.

*here and there keeping myself honest (and writing) with the Write Alm prompts.


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