DSC06998It’s not like I don’t do it every day. Weave together our personalities, preferences and learning styles.

After over 20 years of reading books about it, after 17 years of dreaming of it, 15 years after taking a course on it, today I will start weaving.

I am so excited.

This new year my resolution was to finally, finally begin to weave. Something I would actually do. When I was a teenager, I imaged that by now I would be living in a loft with orange plastic bookcases surronded by my own white on white weavings. With a cat. I probably had a cat in those imaginings. Here I am in the country, with no weavings, no cat and up five children. More chickens on the horizon, a new large garden and goat dreaming, sure, I think learning to weave shouldn’t be a problem.

We have added weaving in to our homeschool life; aren’t I part of homeschool life?

in keeping::check out my post over at sense of story today. am i qualified?


3 thoughts on “woven.

  1. Yay for weaving…so excited. I really need my focus to be on handwork and sewing lately – particularly because the stuff coming out of my mouth is making everyone cringe.

  2. Weaving is awesome! The kids have been really into it and I also have this project planned. Rozanne, I love the book you suggested in one of your posts, Kids Weaving…

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