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This summer I will be working on a child study of our second son. He will be at the middle mark of eight years and we will be looking towards the nine year changethis time i will be more prepared


The suggestion in Waldorf pedagogy is to wait until after the age of seven to work with the child study. My own personal experience from my last child was to wait a while longer.   you morphing children, wait for your mother to catch up   We are Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers. Emphasis on the homeschoolers.  because everything is different at home

While information gleaned from our personal study of our children is useful for choosing how, when and where to explore lessons and extras classes/books/trips I often re-read this quote, taking the sentiment to heart:

After all, the knowledge of the four temperaments should not tempt us to adopt the attitude that this person is such and such because he has such and such a temperament! That would be a subtle form of fatalism. Nor should we be tempted to use that knowledge to indulge in a subtle form of behavior modification. No one has the moral right to modify another person’s behavior. If change of behavior is necessary, this needs to be recognized and done by the person her- or himself. We may, however, provide the opportunity and setting which enables others, particularly children, to change themselves. But if a person exhibits onesided temperament traits, then our own knowledge of the particular quality will enable us to establish channels of communication with this person more easily.

Temperaments and the Arts by Magda Lissau

The first time I did a child study I did it too early, was a little confused and felt like I did not understand the language and examples used. We were new to both Waldorf and homeschooling. I had the feeling that every single decision was set in stone.  why was i rushing things?  With a few more years under my belt and more familiarity with the materials and methods I feel more confident.

I plan to linger on this child study, looking at photos, drawings, remembering snippets of conversation and drawing on our community and their observations. Two other friends and I plan to share reflections on one of each of our children.  it’s almost unnerving to think of the things i will miss/neglect/gloss over

The materials I will be using to help me along are:

Temperaments and the Arts

Childhood: A study of the Growing Child 

Enki Education, child study workbook (with our first purchase of kindergarten many years ago this was part of the package. I do not currently see it on the website but it you are interested I feel it is worth looking in to)


Have you ever done a child study? How did you find it helped you with homeschool life?


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