kicking the embers.

You peek around the corner,

making sure that I see you.

An argument like that?

You cannot even hope that I didn’t hear.

Seeking love/forgiveness/relief.

Kicking around in the embers.

I raise my eyebrow.

Let’s not pick apart what will keep us from bedtime.

You look sheepishly at me, searching in my face for

that warmth of my love.

Let’s not pretend this will not happen again.

Unnerve me, run yourself ragged,

fall down,

always to know

the embers will be there.


-these boys of mine. the lessons they teach me in forgiveness, unending love and how society sees them all wrong.


4 thoughts on “kicking the embers.

  1. I am just learning the beauty of the boy…the energy that I am slowly getting acquainted with is quite foreign even though I have 3 younger brothers! I am slowly getting used to the “ask forgiveness, not permission” attitude 🙂

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