notes on the birth.

Notes just notes. The whole story belongs to us.

*that night before I just was there with those contractions   all night   periodically soothing a restless toddler and asking my baby, ‘what are you doing in there’…..every 15 minutes, all night

*that morning I was surprised   banking on you appearing over a week and half later   husband of course took it in stride

*my family, my dear sweet littles. you took it all as i knew you would, according to your personalities. one lying in the snow for hours   anxious but not wanting to miss the appearance and those first kisses to your new sibling   finally settling in to a cooking project   lamb’s leg roast   one of the best meals i have ever had   devoured less than an hour post birth and i think those midwives appreciated it too. another gathering and chopping wood   creating a warm fire   tended all day by you   this is just what i expected from you.

*back labor, so that is what everyone talks about. me, whispering then shouting. it just hurt too much to move between contractions.

*contractions, hmmm….how is it i always forget you are all treble and no bass? tried to take your high pitch to a low level

*my friend, thank you for playing games and soothing my others, for the mom of five club after birth and for joking with me after about the afterbirth pains-oof.

*midwives, thank you a million times over

*homebirth, such a gift to our family four times   that first birth in the hospital taught me homebirth was for me

*my baby, when i saw your face that first time   i knew you were a Red   thank you for choosing us


photo by one of our midwives, as red was ‘pinking up’


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