a bare bones layette.

I know, I know. Another baby post.   psst…most of this week will be baby posts!

After meticulously putting together my own version of a layette for baby with the other four my verve for doing it again was minimal. I, in fact did not go out and purchase anything new for this babe. Being completely honest here, I will confess that he was about a week and three days earlier than we expected and the pile of baby clothing we already own was mountainous in shape and size. Red was born in the middle of February, this winter of all of our discontent here in North America. Warmth is key for a February baby!  I thought I would share what we really have been using here these past four weeks.

cloth diapers –  earliest of days it was a stack of teeny tiny prefolds, these days and through the future, diaper flats with Snappis

 wool diaper covers or bum sweaters as we call them here – Aristocrats, used by all five children now, Ruskovilla wool longies (bought secondhand, four children ago), Ruskovilla shorties  I never have had any luck with any covers other than wool.

tops – Ruskovilla wool lap tee and wool onesie

feeties – a selection of handknit socks and booties

on occasion –  I have had him in a few sleepers and this Under the Nile goodie from yore

sling – our trusty Moby wrap for these early months, counting lend outs to friends this is the sixth baby to be snuggled in this sling and after countless washings it still has its spring

And that….is it. I was a little surprised myself by the minimalism here. Here and there I am doing a woolie wash but tiny clothing = a tiny bit of laundry. The diapers are of course another story……

Many of these clothes were gifted and handed down to our family. I know wool is very expensive and can at times be a burden to care for but I find the payoff in both warmth and minimizing our laundry loads invaluable.


What type of layette do you prefer for your tinies?


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