this is the new homeschool.

Brass tacks for these last months of grades 2 and 5.

Alternating main lesson days = relief.

A happy reinstitution of singing through the day. Just skip ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘This Land Is Your Land’, Mama. You can’t get through either without crying just after you have had a baby.

This winter has had us cooped up like those hens ’round back. Just wishing for a 0C day, sunshine, a warm breeze.

The Ancient Persia lessons are working with composition skills. Be aware Wodehouse fans, an original Jeeves and Wooster comic strip is also in the offing.

Reading skills are bringing out insatiable gaiety in this grade two-er. I forgot how all of that intense focus winds the child up like a spring. Dancing, singing, running, yelling. This new reader has a different taste in books than his brother. Too many of our books for his current stage are ‘silly’. The current favorite? Hay for My Ox.

Love me, teach me, hold me emanates from the five year old sister, now smack dab in the middle of siblings. Calmly she strings beads, hums, recites, sounds out words. Her new letter recognition is turning in to a party trick. Keeping an eye on that. Her current favorite book? Elfabet.

Toddler, my toddler. Dressing, re-dressing and making cups of tea in your kitchen. Thank you for your easy going joy. Her new favorite series of books? Alison Uttely’s Hare series, for the pictures you know. Several of these were unearthed at the thrift store during my babymoon.

Math.  Our daily practice. If more than a few days has passed without recitation, what we have learned fades. Easy to see the effects, difficult to maintain for the sleep deprived.


place value.


baby in the midst.

How do you place the pieces back in place after a life shake-up?


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