Above the barnacles. The sun is shining, spring slowly approaches, something like a rhythm is forming.

Beneath? The sea is roiling. Trying mightily to adhere to my new unrealistic no yelling policy. It may be that my creepy ‘sunshine and roses’ voice will be in play more often than not. Trying quietly to give this new little boy what he needs, me, while doling out the portions to everyone else as well. Noticing the marked differences between my baby boys and girls; not the most popular sentiment I know and an opposite of what I believed when I first started my mamahood journey. I feel the seaweed-like connective tissue from him adhere to me when I set him down for a moment. A good feeling that wrecks the nerves. This body and soul are taking a little longer than I anticipated to regain.



*keeping myself honest with the Write Alm prompts, today: underneath



4 thoughts on “plumbline.

  1. My favourite ‘sunshine and roses’ voice threat (which seems to be standard with public school eces): There is going to be trouble (raise voice sweetly at ‘trouble’). Raoni and I muse when we heard teachers use this why they do it in such a tone. We use it jokingly around here, imitating the teachers. Hope you can too.

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