A rare, mostly homeschooling post.

At the beginning of the lesson year for us I read an article on distilling down what each year should entail for each child.

For us that has been

grade five: five ancient cultures/epochs, geometry, North American geography, life.

grade two: reading, place value, playing with numbers, life.

dreamland age 5?: play, play, play. listen to stories, move her body, crafts, songs, life.

toddler: my constant companion, slipping away now and then to join in with the others.

When I start to get bogged down, when the 3 am homeschooling night terrors hit, when something is lost in the recesses of the mind or it appears to be that way:

I reach down to the bottom of that murky pit and bring up this list.

Repeat it.

Then we keep on keepin’ on.

DSC06345 us, doing what we do.

A smattering of materials we have very currently in use:

Christopherus  grades 1, 2, 5

Live Ed grade 5

Path of Discovery grades 1, 2, 5

Holling C Holling books

Enki kindergarten, grades 1, 2

Simply Music

Key To Workbooks

Spotlight On Words workbook


3 thoughts on “distill.

  1. I hate the 3am homeschooling night terrors. The list is a great idea to keep what is essential at the forefront.
    Do you like the HCH books? For some reason, I feel like I just don’t get what all the fuss is about. I love the illustrations, but the text leaves me flat. I just cleaned out a bunch of books, but still cannot give those away for some reason. Maybe they will hit me differently the second time around.
    Hope you are having a great day today.

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