Our priest sends out a weekly community newsletter and last weeks focus was endure.

Where the ‘thinking’ is happening in my brain, endure has been ever present, on the top, repeated over and over.

Crumbs, ferocious dust bunnies in a room I need to be clean.    endure.

Trying to handle these last handful of days before birthing with grace.

And I am afraid it isn’t going as I would like.

The same questions, the same tasks in an endless rotation.   endure.

We live in winter.

This expansive winter wonderland is trying.  endure.

Husband has suggested maybe the time to leave the house is not now. Maybe I am not fit for other humans consumption these days. If I could be placed in cotton wool on the shelf I would.  We are all trying to endure. Don’t I know it. I can not think of a better word for this space and place in the rhythm of the year .  endure.

DSC06350 painting by biggest brother of the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. that middle bit where it is all mixed up? where humanity is. from our grade five ancient persia block.

I am trying to write every day. Or rather through the day. Creating my own practice. Looking for prompts everywhere.


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