It’s a big old house 

and there’s not much room

But there’s nothing that I wouldn’t say to you.

-Lois, Valentine

My aesthetic hasn’t changed much from 1992. Still my favorite album cover.

This song has been in my heart and head all month.

February, go slow.

no problem, you say, maliciously rubbing your hands together

Casting my mind back to previous transitions. Wondering where I will be standing when it all starts again.

here, maybe here, near the doors

What will I say this time.

shudder to think

My heart is waiting.

to be filled like a balloon, the unpoppable kind

to feel the overwhelming strain of love, how you will stretch me and i will go to that place, again

the irony of guilt for the others and need to have it just be you and me, me and you for as long as possible


the abbot and costello routine of preparing the homebirth room. i amass everything we think we will need. you, the rest of the family slowly carry it all out again. needed by you because if mama needs it, so must you. cat and mouse. me chasing you to retrieve.  that tidy room is like an oasis to you. somewhere you feel like returning to time and again. too bad your dirty feet and toddler hands make a mess everywhere. 

*keeping myself honest, on occasion, with the Write Alm prompts. today, heart/head.


5 thoughts on “valentine.

      1. So exciting! I have a friend who went into labor this morning so we are just waiting for her arrival now. Almost gives me the bug for another. Almost…I’m not quite ready yet 😉

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