what do you see.

All the smalls are bundled and ready to go, Husband at the door.

Just me left, rifling through the closet.

What to choose. Wolf in sheeps clothing or the emperor has no clothes.

More photos.

Is this…

deserving to reside here

responsible homeschooling mother without looking too, you know

36 year old woman in control of herself

partner that does her best, forgives and forgets, lets tomorrow start anew

a pregnant woman doing what everyone else thinks is right *

The wardrobe in my mind reflects these things I want to be true. Things that are sometimes true.

Chosen and kept for different reasons that stream from the same source.

First layer, second layer, third layer. My defense.

Color, texture, shape. All piled on to one another.

Finally. I catch a glimpse of myself running out of the room.

Try as I might. Pippi Longstocking. Again.


she comes by her clothing choices honestly.

*for the sake of clarity, i just prefer at this tender point that people think i am doing what they think is right.  in reality it seems to never be.


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