temporary knowledge.


reveling in you now.

usually skittering on the edges.

that fish that got away.

i watch the snow fall.  does it always drift down like this?

not rushing or forcing  myself in to worry.

we do things out of order. no problem.

lunch is made? really?

i love you. of course, i will cut up an orange for you.

please, feel free to throw the peels on the floor. they add to the tapestry.

the phone rings. and we don’t answer. i cannot answer. i want to say ‘what’, in my kindest voice.

hide under the table, you troop. keep your secrets. eat your cookies.

i love you. of course you can scatter crumbs. they add to the mosaic.

there is very important business to be done.

hands to hold, library books to find, back rubs to dole out.

i will sit up with you till the early morn. me, so sorry to share this cough with you.

snuggle in to my body.

i love you. let me know how uncomfortable you are. it’s okay. your feelings add to my memories.

my temporary knowledge to soon slip to the edges. when sleep is elusive and laundry piles up.

i love you. help me to remember what is important.

someday i will be old. this all will be sepia toned and your full lives will have me on the edges.

flitting away i hold you in my heart, temporary knowledge.

*keeping myself honest with the February Write Alm prompts. blank page today, because honestly so many parenting mornings i start with a blank page whether good or bad, i never know till the day progresses.


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