I must be the slowest nesting bird around.

Shuffling my heavily slippered feet from room to room. When did this hallway get so long?

In attempting to prepare for our midwife’s home visit on Wednesday I get wrapped up in the minutiae.

Hanging the baby quilt, rearranging stones, deciding the bathroom is depressing and changing it, squirreling away the sewing machine for other days.

Weighing on me is an unresolved heartache, the realization that the midwife for my last birth left when I was in transition, the fact that at least three of us in this home need to be apologized to for reasons all one and the same. Slowly teasing the strands out. Remembering to not let things get in the way of upcoming labor.

Only a few more weeks.


sewn and knitted  newborn pants. a highly modified tunic sewn and knitted for mama during the early days.


an idea seen and taken from a dear family friends home. for arranging and rearranging by all the hands in the house.

just to let you know i am on more active on twitter now …. #violiciouss



4 thoughts on “nesting:pause.

    1. I know! My boys went to our family friends house first, saw it and raved about it. Then I got the chance to see it this weekend. I like everything slightly orderly but chaotic. Actually that applies to everything in my life these days!

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