last minute is the best minute.

When you are running out the door and I remember that thing I must tell you. can’t let go

To knit the most beautiful baby shirts. waiting to slip on to you

For tossing and turning in the night. wanting to wake you and say, ‘I’m sorry’, again

Flipping open a book and making a split decision to guide the day. you resist direction

Maybe one more pair of baby pants, half sewn, half knitted. overindulgence.

That feathery toddler hair is clouding my vision. or we may be sick.

I will wait up for you. after all these years i still want to see you



Forced budding by the near eight. See, it can be spring! wishful thinking.


All the decisions these days, even down to the most trivial seem last minute. Anything can happen tomorrow, in the night, before dinner.

*keeping myself honest with the Write Alm daily prompts. Today is reflection. For me, what I want and what it is.


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