not me.

We appear to have a not-so-rare beast loose in our home. It’s name is Not Me.

Favorite hobbies of Not Me?

*peeling oranges and leaving said peel and pith in piles around the house

*using all the tape and ostentatiously sticking yard long strips on walls,  couches, hidden under pillows to be caught in long hair

*wearing boots in the house, boots that have tromped through both snow, the ash to keep us from slipping and the chicken yard

*leaving the tap at the bathroom sink running

and the sneakiest, most low-down of all? Eating chocolate and leaving it smeared on others faces. Tsk, tsk  Not Me. You are going to get quite a talking to when I get my hands on you.


Can you spot NotMe here reorganizing the waiting room at the midwife’s office?



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