A ripped batik scarf that has helped me safely land through all my travels. There through then end of high school, my big move, time alone, our semi-elopement, first trade show, all the births so far. Wadded in a drawer. Dug out on occasions. Ready to be placed in the birthing room. Given by a friend that; talked me in to staying in high school, made that time bearable, moved with me, settled me, befriended me when I needed it most. This friend is now long lost under the layers of what my life was. I hope everyday our paths will cross again.


Not one for quotes, I have few that I turn to. This one though has stuck for many years. A good reminder to let go.

The coffee’s bitter because it has been boiling to long.

-lyric from Mecca Normal, I somehow cannot locate which song this belongs to. Do you know? I guess will have to rifle through my old cassettes!

*keeping myself honest with writing prompts from Write Alm.


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