what would it be like.

What would it be really like if we moved further out.

No, really. What would it really, really be like.

The sound of silence, punctuated only by the surreal, Hounds of the Baskerville-esque coyote pack at night.

In the day, only the sound of our littles.

Further from the city.

Would it be closer to us.

Would we fight.

Would we start listening to music too, too loud.

Would no one visit us.

Would we get more boring or weirder.

Could we twist anyones arms hard enough for them to move too.

Is it just as scary a thought for you as it is for me.

Does it make you want to shake your head, wring your hands and back out of your dreams.
It does me.
All the right things do?
Change brings on change. on the cusp of welcoming a new little to our family we contemplate, think, remember what we really want to do. Nothing sudden, only
dreaming for now.
The wintering chickens now enjoying the Christmas tree and a welcome break from the freeze.                                                                                                                     

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