guilty days.


While a stomach bug holds us under we will indulge in guilty pleasures.

a late, late start and an early ending to the day

lychee gelatin for everybody! 

proclaiming ‘I am pregnant’ from now on whenever some task or another I have no interest in crops up (like when say I was just given a demo on how to clean the vacuum, no thanks.)

having two knitting projects going at once 

npr podcasts


beading projects

being involved in a minor way in a pregnant mama celebration being planned by dear friends, so excited

napping by the woodstove

requests for late night donuts 


About all I can muster today.

*keeping myself honest with the daily prompts from Write Alm, you should join in too!


6 thoughts on “guilty days.

      1. Oh My! Paddle to the Sea! We are reading the book…this is so neat .however did you find/find out about this little film? We will view it together after the book. Thanks for yet another great inspiration. Warm wishes of comfort to you!

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