yarn along.



Finished is the Comfy Angel’s Nest, mismatched buttons and all.

Casting on a Fisherman’s Pullover for the nearly aged 8 that is counting the moments till his birthday. Best get going on this.

Working on a newborn baby tee of my own design. Nothing fancy a simple vest knit in the round with sleeves.

Longing to cast on Composite but it will just have to wait for now.

Scheming on two Phoebe’s Sweaters for two sisters. Today our book was delivered to the door by a shivering postman while I shakily added my signature to the list of deliveries. Both want red, as the book, of course. They love the book, clapping when they saw the cardinal postal delivery bird (I wish we had one, Mama!)  We are deep in the throes of Operation::Sisters Baby Prep. This shall help us on our way, I say with a twist of the fingers.


Still, the Castle of Otranto. Lost in a five year olds treasures for two weeks, recovered and nearly finished.

Always more homeschooling books. A new exciting addition being this which is more looking through for where we all are and what we all can use.

Yarning along with Ginny of Small Things today.

p.s. Today is the Wednesday installment of the new blog two friends and I am collaborating on, Sense of StoryThis week it is my friend, Gwynyth and next week it’s me!


4 thoughts on “yarn along.

  1. I just found a book yesterday that had been lost for three weeks — so relieved to find it since it belongs to the library!

    Love the Fisherman’s Pullover–I’m sure the almost 8 year old will love it!

  2. great cardigan and I love the assorted buttons! Just sent Phoebe’s Birthday book along with my niece for her girls and how about that lost and found book- was it a good find??

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