New beginnings? Nope. This year I believe in stasis.


a loaf a day

What changed last year?

we moved to the country

Husband’s work hours shift, drastically

we stopped attending our regularly scheduled outdoor class

we slaughtered animals

we are *nearly there*, down the path to becoming permanent residents


everybody is a designer around here


We have cut and pasted for the past year. What we need now is continuity. A chance to regroup. Let’s do the same exact thing we did last year. I love change. In fact it is scary for me to not have big change.


the toddler type

But this year we will have our new baby and dig ourselves out of last years experiences. By experiencing them, again.

I always liken having a new baby to putting your life in a blender. It will settle, eventually and we will find ourselves doing chicken chores, working the garden, climbing trees, making do; same as last year. Please and thank you.

p.s. while I know a new family member always drastically changes the landscape and every child is different, I take solace in the fact that we have done this before, not the exact same experience but a familiar one

*in case you are interested…….

my 2013 resolution was to find extended family 

my 2012 resolution was to stop money controlling my mood

my 2011 and 2010 resolutions…..anybody’s guess, i have no recollection

my 2009 resolution was the ‘the year of eating dangerously’ (mostly meaning eating offal, success! we all eat organ meat regularly)


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