in a deep freeze.

Let’s play a game! How many sweaters and socks can you wear?

The bottom has dropped out of the thermometer. The ice on the window has crept so high that I can no longer read it outside the window, not that I want to. A friend, a celsius refugee in the States, suggested to me that learning the temperature intuitively rather than the constant calculating is the way to make one feel most at home. My usual unless we are going to be out all day at the river or lake, slowly getting the hang of it.  As I will not be leaving the house, I refuse to calculate what today’s mercury is.

It’s a warm room day. Grateful for the fire.

My baby is active all night, leading to preterm labor dreams. Husband says I talk all night in my sleep to the baby.

I begrudgingly accept that taking Floradix is giving me more energy during the day.

After the winter holidays, all I want to do is bake. Accustomed to the sweets surrounding us I finally jump on the bandwagon. Two days in a row of cinnamon buns for my lucky ducklings.

I will use my gentle voice today, all day. I will, without sighing, thread and re-thread a 5 year olds beading needle.

Yesterday a friends visit nearly happened. And then she had her baby. A five, just like we will be.

While the North Wind blows and steals our warmth, I will do the best to re-create the warmth of the sun for you today, my littles. Wearing my patience on my many sleeves.

Fake it until you make it.


I think a little more knitting is in order. Trying to puzzle out exactly how this pattern will come together. 


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