a toast to this most edge defining year.

Our first full year in the country (read: city folks make fools of themselves and live without last minute take out all year!), the year of the slob (little did I realize the extent of mud and fuss an acre and farm animals bring), the (1/2) year of the fifth pregnancy. All of those three sum it up for me. The realization that farm animals are so dependent on us. I knew it intellectually but now I know in my heart. Long stretches of time at home are a luxury not boring. And we are the luckiest family in the world. At least I think so.

A few of my favorite photos from this year…….






highlights (in no particular order): marimekko exhibits with friends, lambs, chickens, tilling, blue skies, sibling love, first overnights, grown up craft group, hiking club,sewing,end of lesson work play, new edge pushing boundries for this mama.

 A toast and a happiest end of year reflections to you too.

*keeping myself honest with the Write Alm prompts.



6 thoughts on “a toast to this most edge defining year.

    1. those lambs! they were two bottle fed fellas. 24 hours a day every three hours bottle feeding for a few weeks, then cut to only two feedings overnight. husband and i were zombies. they were so much fun. highly recommend. we only kept for three months but three very memorable months they were!

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