all of those possibilities…..

…..for the New Year are not being taken in to account today.


waxing the toboggan because the icy path down the hill is not fast enough.

Living in the possibilities of these moments is in order for our 12 days of Christmas. The New Year will begin, a new project will see the light of day and I will half-heartedly make resolutions. The ones that stick come later in the year. Besides, last years resolution, the resolution to create community, was exhausting and still being worked on.


last night i went to bed with tears of regret in my eyes. i had promised an eager five year old i would sew with her. for several days. i shook her off many times.  for silly reasons. i am so sorry, my girl. the boys not wanting to do handwork along side and with me had left a hole in my heart. why did wait? the project possibilities are endless. last year sira had two curled in trigger thumbs. she never would have been able to hold the needle as she did today. that surgery of hers took us all out of our comfort zone, a planned surgery. the anxious, nervous anticipation. behind her now, miss fancy-thumbs.

My psychic cry of ‘help’ has broken through. Friends visited today, brought lunch and a dinner. Feeling grateful.


colorful toddler, the constant companion.

A candle on the Three Kings table draws the littles to look and see what is different today, we are all a little further down the path.

A few days of drifting at the end of the year.

*keeping myself honest with the Write Alm daily writing prompt.



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