while we still have power…..


Heavy laden boughs of ice make it nearly certain the power will go out again at some point this next week.

I am counting our woodstove as a blessing yet another time. Breakfast and tea made on top, risgrynsgröt bubbling away for tonight’s smorgasbord.


Of course, these smalls are quite the blessings too. Cavorting in front on the woodstove, jumping up and down in front of the tree laughing and ice sledding down the hill for hours and hours.


The vanity and the blessing of hippie hair. I have been attempting to get a photo for a newest project, Sense of Storya collaboration of mama writers: snippets, stories, accumulated life : a weekly update, launching January 1. Please click over and sign up for our very first post. I am so excited to be a part of this project. Writing for me is a solace and an expenditure of self I have so needed.



Merry Christmas everyone and see you in a few days!


*using the Write Alm prompt today……





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