belly rules.


Last weekend I was trying to water our Christmas tree and was having….a difficult time. I kept saying, ‘it must be too close to the wall’. I then tipped over on my side and was able to reach the stand to water. I looked up and looming over me was Sira, munching on something, laughing. ‘It’s your belly!’ Oh. Right. I kind of forgot of how this basketball sized belly starts to impede ones movements. Putting on shoes? What a joke. I have picked up a pair of slip ons that I hope to wear after this cold snap finishes. And all of those slippers I am working on will come in handy. I am nothing if not a lover of ‘driving shoes’ which Husband declares hopelessly bougeois. He had better get accustomed to the sight of them. Adding to that chauffeuring me about as my left leg has started it’s little going numb trick (pinched nerve, picked up during my first pregnancy, recurrent) that is exaggerated by driving. Rolling out of bed, taking a ridiculously long time to dress, the inability to see ones feet. This post is exhausting! Must lie down to knit.


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