yarn along. more slippers.

The slipper extravaganza is nearly over. For the moment. Until I feel the need to make more.


I really like the Knitted Slipper Book. I have modified the options flat for my 5 year old and am still in the midst of felting the pair of flats for myself. Working on the second ankle fringe boot today, hopefully to be machine felted this evening. I forgot how tedious hand felting knitted pieces is. Many moons ago I sold needle then wet felted pieces but that was before I was continually distracted by those I love.

Reading the Castle of Otranto, good gothic fun.

I am making lists of patterns and materials for some upcoming marathon newborn knitting. The weather is…..brisk. I have noted that Canadians are not weather complainers and so I modify my language. This afternoon after lessons and lunch we will be sitting by the fire and I will knit and read aloud The Saturdays to the crew.

We have located the mate to the thrummed bootie! Hurrah! Getting quite a bit of use these days.


Yarning along with Ginny of Small Things.


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