turns out, i can’t remember everything.

This pregnancy. Or rather, I think it began when we got the lambs in the spring. Image 

Appointments, weekends, fun times with friends. It all started to slip through the cracks. Forget about anyone other than my children’s birthdays. How did I ever remember them before? Am I a terrible friend and family member? I have stoically held on all summer and fall. Slips of paper, various calendars, the folly of using the computer to remember things when I have a stationery computer rather than a portable one. You may have noticed I have a sponsor now, Mama’s Notebooks and so the Weekly Planner has been shared with me. I tore myself away from slipper knitting to begin placing all the various activities down and now seem to have at least the next month under control. I even managed to schedule time for those pesky things like hour long runs to Staples that are necessary but seemingly impossible to squeeze in. There is also a chore rotation list which is desperately needed ’round here as well as a shopping list that I have pretended not to need for years. December is chronically overbooked and overextended as everyone elses is but, January, I got your number. Begone hundreds of slips of paper! Mama’s Notebooks is having a sale that runs through the holidays and so take a peep if you too could use a little paper management.


A tea replacement? It seems the baby isn’t overly jazzed with two cups a tea these days. And so now begins the eggnog season. Recipe here.


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