yarn along. the slipper edition.


I am in to knitting slippers from the Knitted Slipper Book. And while Husband is amazing and awesome, he is not fun to talk about knitting with. He actually seems to have no opinion on which slipper I should knit for myself.

Finished, the Thrummed Slippers for Dash. No accompanying photo. One lost, then found, then the other lost. I suppose the currently lost slipper will churn up sometime during the day and I will attempt to get a photo of both of them before the cycle repeats itself.

Finished, Lace-up Boots for Gray. Instead of leather lace, which I have a long and frustrating history with, I have used a precious pair of shoelaces from City Museum.



Started, Options Flats for me. I am considering doubling them up as the Trim Clogs pattern is but will decide after I finish knitting, before felting.

Reading, Labyrinth of Birth by Pam England. I showed up to my appointment a few minutes early and without knitting and so perused the lending library. I really couldn’t resist cracking this book open and then borrowing it. Dash and I will be attempting some mandala drawing later this week and I thought bringing in labyrinths would be fun too.

Yarning along with Ginny of Small Things.


5 thoughts on “yarn along. the slipper edition.

  1. My hubby’s felted slippers still have a lot of life in them and I’ve worn through mine…wondered if I could just felt them smaller but looking at yours makes me want to make some of these! Very spiffy!

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