i could hold you in my hand.

28 Weeks.

My Sister was born at 28 weeks, a preemie. This week my baby and I are 28 weeks. I have always heard my family say to my Sister, ‘I could hold you in my hand.’ Meaning cradled in one hand, meaning…..tiny. 

My baby I could hold you in my hand this week but I prefer to cradle you in my belly. I can wait.

Every pregnancy I have that reaches 28 weeks I make sure to feel gratitude and have more respect the growing belly and needs of the pregnancy starting this week.


*using the gratitude writing prompt from Write Alm today.

It is Thanksgiving in the States today! This is our first year since our move to Canada to not attempt to drag our children along for a second Thanksgiving ride. Instead this morning we took out the Christmas decorations, started to rearrange for baby, chopped wood then Husband and I had a few moments of uninterrupted conversation. The conversation had to be moved from room to room to ensure that it could continue but after a long drought of actually having time to just chat, it was celebration enough for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you my Family and Chums in the States.


How could I not help but have gratitude for those two sweet faces?



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