yarn along.

I look back and laugh. 


The original plan was to make a baby blanket using the Breezy Blanket pattern. And we have ended up with a cowl.


A lacy baby blanket, even though wool, in Canada for a baby born in February? I think I should work on some more booties!

Which I will be.


My lovely Mother early gifted me with the Knitted Slipper Book (and if you haven’t already check out the trailer, you should as it is wonderful) and I am nearly finished with the thrummed booties for an eldest in need of cozy footies. I have been itching to try my hand at thrumming for a few years now. A friend thrumms all of her children’s mitts and they seem so cozy. I have been slightly intimidated by the process but there was no need. So, so easy. This pattern is knit flat with two seams and two patches of leather for the sole. I managed to finish knitting and sewing these last night and hope to add the leather this evening so he can wear them this first wintery week. Jack Frost has made a bold appearance and would like to stay. Thrumming is impressing the masses here and I already have orders for two more, even though I would like to try these first.

Please pardon the finger smudged photos, sigh.

Yarning Along with Ginny of Small Things.



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