when mama catches the bug.

Grinding halt.

We appear to have contracted the flu and it is s l o w l y making its way through us all with the whole kit and caboodle. Congestion, fever, aches, and belly problems. Urgh. We are not much fun these days. Well, *I* am certainly not much fun. The nominal amounts of both knitting, reading and general shenanigans going on by me is a good indicator as to how I am feeling. I am doing a little pre-adolescence I-think-I-should-read-this-now reading of this book, picked up at our Advent Fair this weekend. I found the the author Hermann Koepke’s book on the nine year change just as enlightening and helpful.

Contemplating the making of this, trying my hand at this, and wondering if we could ever live like this.

Today is our day for dentist visits, sitting in front of the stove, flipping through books, sipping tea and getting better! This space may be a bit quieter than usual this week.


Dandelion gone to seed. This toddler is bringing buckets of joy to an otherwise dreary day.


2 thoughts on “when mama catches the bug.

  1. Yuck. Take it easy…as much as you can with 4 and a bun. I love the link to the “Tiny House”…story of my life…sometimes I feel like we are busting at the seams while other days it’s jusssst right.

  2. I love the Saint Lucia link. I think I will attempt that with Aidan this week. Thanks for sharing. And I hope you feel better soon. Sick is no fun for mama’s, especially if everyone else is running circles around you.

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