pockets of time.

I like to slice and dice my day. A little bit of this a little bit of that. Most projects have a beginning and an end, but the ones that don’t? Homeschooling, homemaking and loving. Everything else must fit in between. Next week is the beginning of this baby’s third trimester. I look for the pockets of time to chat with baby, make for baby and rearrange for baby. The pockets of time when I can pick a project to do a little work and set it down are starting to turn in to wormholes. Where I pick something up with the intention of brief sojourn only to be spat back out at the end of the day with rather a mess on my hands. Perhaps it is a scheduling flaw or maybe someone can invent a whole new day or time of day. Where I can take a step out and become a shadow that does not get pulled aside, diverted from what I crave to do.


Reading time.


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