seeking solace.


I’m having a butchering party and haven’t a stitch to wear!, said in my most Scarlet O’Hara voice. Hours before we welcomed a deer and over ten extra people here I had to make these.


Boots off for an inside hot cider break.

Today I am seeking solace in the mundane. The trying to get back to some sort of rhythm before we blow it out of the water tomorrow with a much awaited Baba visit. Dressing and redressing a toddler, finishing the last lesson in our geometry block, multiplication table book making, stoking the fire and knitting up a storm. Speaking of storms. Taking a bit of solace in the fact that we are sharing windy weather with two of my old hometowns.


The Age of Brass and Steam kerchief, over half-way finished. To be gifted tomorrow at 1pm. Knit, Big Mama, knit.


*Last in my series of Write Alm prompt posts. I skipped yesterday, see above photos……


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