let’s get it together makings.

Step it up, people! Baba will be here in four days and things had best look ship shape.


Baba is otherwise known as my Mom and she likes things clean. My struggle. Why clean when you can sew, knit, read, hang out with littles, draw…..need I go on? We are all working furiously today to get things on track. There is no quiet but a little bit of beauty. Curtains for that slider door are finally being made (and rather fancy ones at that, I must say).Image

A new shower curtain to tart up a bathroom in desperate need of some fancy. And then I had to squeeze in just a little bit of work on the quilt that has been forlornly lying there, ticking the days off till Christmas.


This morning I found little in the way of quiet beauty but much in loud beauty. The running of vacuums, the moving of furniture, hammering of names and the humming of the sewing machine. We are a loud family. In the night there are brief spaces of quiet. Toys lying at rest, children covered over and sleeping; like it is all in stasis, waiting for us to rise and give the objects and space life. A house, a hovel a tent is nothing without the people to give it shape, form and meaning. To quote Baba: A place is what you make it. 

This is a place of loud beauty and we can’t wait for your visit, Baba!


*November daily prompt of quiet beauty boldly misconstrued for my week of prompt posts.



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