Big Mama’s Perfect Cup of Tea.

I am fussy about my tea


One of the few reasons I emerge from the babymoon room after a birth is when I just can’t take the tea made by someone else. I am busy trying to train some people around here how to make an acceptable cup of tea.

Here is my recipe:

Loose tea, 1 heaping teaspoon. I prefer Lipton Gold. It is not organic, yes, I know that.

One funnel shaped tea cup.

A Bodum single cup strainer my mother in law gave me for a Christmas gift about 17 years ago.

First, pour 1/4 of the cup of boiling water over the leaves, swirl and dump out. This in theory is decaffeinating my tea, stop looking at me like that, it is. Pour out.

Immediately fill 3/4 of the cup full, place saucer on top.

Tidy kitchen, 3 or so minutes later, remove strainer and tea.

Add the most smidgeoney bit of honey, just dip about 1/8 of a teaspoon in the honey pot.

Milk. Ah, the great milk dilema. I would say about 3 or 4 tablespoons of full fat milk. When I can get raw milk, 6-8% that is hands down the best and calls for drinking tea made with it in reverence, while knitting, in a silent room.

Two cups, you get two cups, lady. Don’t overdo it or you won’t enjoy it.

And I hate sugar in my tea, hate it.

If you are a tea making snob you might enjoy this link.

*Keeping with my self induced writing prompt pledge this week with Write Alm.




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